iPhone attaching adapter for microscope


Optical adapter
Specially designed for microscope

i-NTER LENS, super sleeve (conversing to 30Φ), designated case (for your iPhone only), manual

Price: $ 990 not include shipping cost and taxes


  • Compatible with iPhone5~iPhone 12 and 12 mini and iPod touch
  • Best quality for microscope photographing by using high resolution rear camera of iPhone
  • Specially designed optical lens adapter
  • Various functions with designated application
  • Thanks to i-NTER SHOT application, non-shaking sensor brings the best result while taking picture
  • Very convenient for online meeting such on TV


i-NTER LENS ($ 990.00) has already assembled with iPhone case, and can be used immediately for iPhone users. We also have iPod set or iPhone set for non-iPhone users.

High quality microscope imaging
by iPhone + i-NTER LENS

Why is iPhone?

The most powerful smartphone

Apple has anual income of 100 bilion dolars and recent iPhone developing cost of 16 bilion dolars . Not only shooting with high quality, the color reproducibility of the red system also surpasses digital cameras. Photographing continuously for several hours and slow motion are easy to perform. With time lapse function, we can do time slipe in micro world. Attaching iPhone to microscope will bring full of surprises that never existed before.

Unique Adapter

Optical adapter that only can be made by microscope maker
Patent acquired

i-NTER LENS is an achievement earned from many technologies of designing and developing microscope objective lens. It is compatible with up to 150x objective lens, and brings the most accurate image.

Attachable to various microscopes

Can be attached with C-mount

It can be attached to C-mount (trinocular port). To do this, you will need C-mount sleeve.

Click here for more instruction

High quality adapter

Reliable product

Created from precise components and assembled in Japanese workshop. We also do monthly inspection to ensure the quality of product always be the best.

To new era of microscope photographing

[Talk-Capture-Share] All needs are done in one machine

Quick capturing, quick sharing! Effective for online meeting. With iPhone and i-NTER LENS, we can even take many more advantages of microscope photographing.

Exclusive case

Removable case for iPhone

This case helps you connect iPhone to i-NTER LENS and you can remove it whenever after. You won't be required for any extra tools to do this, just swipe down iPhone to i-NTER LENS as below image, take image and that's all. So easily and comfortably that you can't imagine.

Patent Acquired

Designated application-1

Specialized application for microscope

i-NTER SHOT, the application will help you in many tasks while using microscope, is now available. This application is not prepared by Apple, but is specialized for using microscope by us.


Accessories model:MR-6i

Super sleeve(Used for objective lens that has 30mm inner diameter)
Designated case for 1 of below
(iPhone12mini / iPhone12 / iPhone 11 / 2nd-gen SE, 8, 7 / XS, X / XSMAX / XR / 8+, 7+ / 6s, 6 / 6s+, 6s / 1st-gen SE, 5s, 5 / iPod touch)

Price $990 not include shipping cost and taxes

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